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Our years of experience, attention to detail, and commitment to quality have all made Vander Wal Contracting the greater Bismarck, ND area’s trusted one-stop shop for full-service home improvement.

Kitchen Remodeling

The kitchen is the heart of every home. You don’t just prepare meals in your kitchen – it is also where you get to spend precious time with your friends and family. You deserve a kitchen that you love, and Vander Wal Contracting offers the kitchen remodeling services you need!

Our decades of experience in kitchen remodeling will give you exactly the kitchen you’ve always dreamed of. Whether you desire a few affordable new features to breathe life back into your kitchen, such as laminate flooring and a tile backsplash, or a dramatic overhaul complete with new walls and cabinetry, our expert team is standing by to make sure you get the best upgrades your money can buy.

Bathroom Remodeling

A great bathroom is a place for solitude as well as a place to unwind from the stresses of the day with a nice hot bath or hot shower. Don’t put up with a bathroom that fails to impress every time you walk in. Partner up with Vander Wal Contracting, and you’ll soon be enjoying every second you get to spend in your beautiful new bathroom!

Our bathroom remodeling services are extensive. Our past clients have had every vision for their bathrooms that you could imagine, so whatever you would like for your own bathroom is already within our range of expertise. We install tile, showers, tubs, mirrors, sinks, flooring, and more. And if your bathroom remodel includes plumbing or electrical work, rest assured we will have qualified experts tend to those details.

Our bathroom remodeling service improves a home’s appearance, value, storage space, and even its energy efficiency. Don’t wait a day longer to finally enjoy the perfect refuge!

bathroom remodel contractor new vanity

Basement Remodeling & Additions

Has your basement been relegated to storage space? It has much more potential than that! A finished basement can become a much-needed playroom for energetic kids, a better home gym than a membership fee could ever buy, or the ultimate man cave. And whatever your finished basement becomes, it’s guaranteed to improve your home’s market value! Vander Wal Contracting specializes in remodeling this part of the house since a basement is more than just a room, and we offer endless options for any type of finished basement.

If your family has grown over the years or you just want more space without having to move, let us provide the new addition your home needs! Your addition can seamlessly match the rest of your home or have an altogether different style so you’ll feel like you’re being transported the moment you enter.

Exterior Remodeling

The Midwest is not hospitable to roofing. Storm damage can necessitate roof repair or replacement immediately, but even regular weather will ultimately demand roof maintenance. Don’t risk any further property damage than you have to – and don’t attempt such dangerous repairs yourself! Let Vander Wal Contracting keep a safe roof over your head.

North Dakota’s generous wind, snow, and ice do just as few favors to your home’s siding. Splitting and cracking give way to water damage and mold, which can cost thousands of dollars if left on their own. Vander Wal Contracting installs attractive and long-lasting siding, including vinyl, steel, and composite wood, that will keep your home protected and appealing for years to come.

Post-Frame Buildings

Although they are often referred to as “pole barns,” post-frame buildings are useful for much more than agriculture. A post-frame building’s open, ergonomic floor plan also makes it an excellent choice for a workshop, garage, storage facility, or even a home!

A post-frame building offers many advantages over a stick-built alternative. Its ability to evenly distribute weight means it is extremely resilient against heavy snowfall and violent winds. Its open design facilitates insulation and greatly enhances energy efficiency. A post-frame building also requires impressively little maintenance – especially when it wears a rugged metal exterior.

Are you ready to add the perfect post-frame building to your residential, commercial or agricultural property in the greater Bismarck-Mandan area? Then Vander Wal Contracting is at your service. We’re standing by to design the post-frame building that meets your unique needs to a T, and then erect your durable new building quickly and affordably!

Finding Your Vision

Whatever your vision for your home might be, we’re here to make it come to life. Your total satisfaction is our only priority! Call today to schedule a consultation with a local building contractor. 

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