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Although they are often referred to as “pole barns,” post-frame buildings are useful for much more than agriculture. A post-frame building’s open, ergonomic floor plan also makes it an excellent choice for a workshop, garage, storage facility, or even a home!

A post-frame building offers many advantages over a stick-built alternative. Its ability to evenly distribute weight means it is extremely resilient against heavy snowfall and violent winds. Its open design facilitates insulation and greatly enhances energy efficiency. A post-frame building also requires impressively little maintenance – especially when it wears a rugged metal exterior.

Are you ready to add the perfect post-frame building to your residential, commercial or agricultural property in the greater Bismarck-Mandan area? Then Vander Wal Contracting is at your service. We’re standing by to design the post-frame building that meets your unique needs to a T, and then erect your durable new building quickly and affordably!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a post frame building, and how does it differ from traditional construction methods?

A post frame is constructed with either 6×6 posts or laminate posts that are secured to the ground either by cement, compacted gravel, or a wet set bracket. My recommendation would be to use a wet set bracket to avoid the possibility of the posts rotting off at the base.

What are the advantages of building a post frame building?
  • Using less lumber to construct the building, thus lowering your material cost.
  • Faster build time
  • Great for storage
  • Customizable
How big can I build a post frame building?

While there are no restrictions on length, limitations on width apply. Managing logistics for trusses exceeding 80 feet can pose significant complexities.

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